Baby I’m A Star

Let’s face it, life can sometimes be crappy and not everyday is filled with rainbows and unicorns. For example,  a few really crappy things happened to me recently. 1) I had a flat tire and ended up having to buy four new tires. That was an expense that I had not planned for. 2) I received calls from three of my daughter’s teachers telling me that she hadn’t been performing so well. Can you imagine how much I felt like I was failing as a parent? 3) To make matters worse, things were getting tougher at work. I was past feeling burnt out and beyond overwhelmed.

But instead of taking the “woe is me” approach, a friend helped me to be able to see that these adversities and setbacks could be turned from negative to positive. I refused to revert back to the old me and instead, chose to “let it go, let it go” and move forward. That was hard to do because I was so used to dwelling. But I found that once I did let go, the weight that I was carrying had dissolved.

Renewing my trust, and believing that God was with me and there to fight for me changed everything. The weariness started to fade. Negative thoughts began to disappear  allowing me to have mental clarity. Most importantly, my attitude began to change and I was feeling better. I had a vision and it awakened a passion in me, prompting me to follow my dreams again. Suddenly, I wanted to excel in everything! 

This path is still new and I know there will be bumps along the way. But, I can honestly say, that I am no longer hindered by my own thoughts and that I do not allow doubt to invade my space. I am not perfect, but I sure am not average either. None of us are! Let your star shine bright!


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