Winter Essentials: Countdown to 2018 Winter Essentials

Winter essentials, oh how we need them! Are you ready for winter? We are counting down the top winter essentials with hair, skin and clothing and how you can make sure you are ready for the cold winter season. 

Hey, it’s me Cocoa! I think it’s always a good idea to make sure you have what you need in your armory to handle the winter weather. It doesn’t get as cold here in sunny Florida like it does in other parts of the country. But I am a northern girl originally, so I definitely can relate to what it feels like. I wanted to share my countdown of top winter essentials that every naturalista should be sure to have this winter season. Hopefully, one of these tips can help you guys out. I’m going to jump right into it in no particular order.


It’s good practice to take care of your skin year round, but especially in the winter time. I have a skin care routine that I will be posting and sharing with you guys at a later time. In my skin routine, I use a face wash, a toner or essence, a moisturizer, mask and eye cream. If you are a little lazy, (LOL) which I totally understand, at a minimum, you should have a really good skin wash, a mask, and a moisturizer. I will also add lip care in the group. If you want to really make sure they are extra soft, use a lip mask once a week to get rid of all of the dead skin.


Y’all know that natural hair is already naturally dry, which means you can expect your hair and scalp to be extra dry during the colder months. I already spoke about my hair routine in my an earlier post, so if you want to check it out, click here. Stick with your routine and do not falter. Do a scalp massage 1-2 times a week to aid your scalp in producing it’s natural oil. I apply a moisturizer twice a week to make sure “she’s” good.


Lotion, lotion, lotion! I am lazy when it comes to this. I just don’t know what it is about putting on lotion, but I just don’t like it. But, you have to moisturize your skin. To cut down on this process, I use an oil and exfoliator in the shower and this leaves me with nice supple skin. On days when it is not too cold, it would be okay skipping lotion. I use nivea or bath and body works. I like thick lotions, they last longer and aren’t greasy.


Cover up! I do not play when it comes to venturing out into the cold. I do not want to get sick. With the way the Florida whether is so bipolar here, it’s cold one day and then 80 degrees the next day. So it’s very important to dress appropriately. Wear a hat and scarf, hoodie or even a bomber jacket which is lighter than a wool coat or carhart jacket, for example. If you are in the colder states, you already know what to do.

Staying Healthy for Winter

Water is the most important essential of all. Drink water, a lot of it! This will help to keep your skin and hair moisturized. You will notice that your body, face and scalp will be less dry. Drink less caffeine as it will dry you out. Eat healthy by eating lots of fruit and veggies because they have water and vitamins to help keep your immunity strong.

I hope you enjoyed my winter essentials tips. I want to hear how you guys take on winter. Leave a comment below and let me know.



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