Straightening Natural Hair: My Silky Press Fail

I straightened my hair! It’s your girl, Cocoa back today to talk to you guys about my first silky press since turning natural. If you don’t know, I did a post a couple of months ago discussing my journey which I will link here. The main reason I decided to get my hair straightened is to see how much it’s grown and to get a trim. It’s been close to a year since I’ve used heat on my hair and eight months since going fully natural. I was hesitant about this process, but I did not think I would have the outcome that I experienced.

The hair stylist started with a simple shampoo and conditioner. She did not use a deep conditioner which I requested and she didn’t roller set my hair. She just went straight into heat styling after the conditioner. I thought she applied a heat protectant and maybe she did, but either she didn’t use enough, or it was not a good heat protectant. She roller brushed my hair with the blow dryer about three times. Then proceeded to flat iron it. My hair would not bend or curl. She moved onto the trim and you know when you ask for a trim, the hair stylist still ends up cutting too much. She started off good, but then became a little scissor happy. As I begin to speak, she stopped herself. After the trim, she went back to blow drying and flat iron, again, without applying a heat protectant. 






She did a good job with straightening my hair, because it was light and fluffy, had movement and was almost pin straight. It was also shiny and had bounce. So I liked those affects. Overall, I felt 50/50 about the experience. I didn’t like the process, but the end result was eh…ok at best.  Now I don’t want to seem like I am deflecting this all onto the hair stylist, I am just explaining my experience. My mistake in this, was not speaking up. I assumed as a professional, she would know what products to use to prevent damage, but I should not have assumed. I trusted that she knew better, but again, I blame myself for not speaking up more.

I wore it straight for about a week, but honestly I couldn’t wait to get my curly hair back! And here is where my problem begins. My hair did receive some heat damage in different spots. They are smaller sections and it’s not all over, but it’s too much for me and the hair cuticle is definitely damaged. Over the next few months, I will be changing my hair routine to incorporate more things to strengthen my hair. It hasn’t lost all its luster and glory though. It’s still soft and cotton ball-ish to the touch. It’s big and still curly, but it’s not how it was before I pressed it. I am disappointed, but not discouraged.

I go into more detail on my YouTube channel about this experience and my feelings on this subject. So check that out here, if you want more details about this experience. I won’t be doing another silky press for a loooonngggg time! But when I do it again next time, I will be the one doing it.



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