Eyeshadow Looks for Brown Eyes With Steps

You could never have enough eyeshadow looks for brown eyes! Spring is upon us, inspiring bold colors likes gold & orange glam. This bold and sultry look can heat up any occasion.

Hi My Lovelies, 

I have always loved wearing eyeshadow, playing with the colors and creating looks with my ABH shadows and Morphe palettes. But, Colour Pop’s soft pressed powders and supershock shadows have just taken it to another level for me! I am straight-up hooked! It was love at first sight when I saw these babies on the website and I’ve never looked back. I’ve just placed another order just in time for spring! 

Sunkissed Eyeshadow Look

The sun was shining so lovely and so bright that it inspired this look. This would be more of a evening to night time look and is best worn with a nude or soft red lip. It gives off just enough sweetness that it will spice up maybe a little black dress or jeans and heels. Just so you guys know, I am not wearing any other make-up in this look besides the shadow, brows and red lip color, obviously. 



✫ I am not a beauty guru. This look was made up on the fly and I tried to act like I knew what I was doing. 😂


Step 1: Apply Base & Set

I began with moisturizing my lids with my Belif Aqua Bomb. After, I applied an eyeshadow primer ,which you don’t have to use specifically an eyeshadow primer, any primer will probably work fine. The reason I choose to use a primer is so the shadows would pop more and last longer. I used the one by M.A.C. the PRO Longwear Paint Pot in the color soft ochre (Okurrr!-I love saying that now, LOL) You could also use concealer or a nude shadow as a base, but, it may not last as long and the colors may not shine through as well. To set this, I used a little of my Laura Mercier translucent powder. 

Step 2: Apply Base Color

Next, I used a CP pressed powder in the color ‘Lil Boat’ , from a palette I created, and applied it all over the eye and lid leaving the brow bone alone. This is going to finish covering up any residual left over by the primer. For my brown skinned ladies, this is why there’s no need to worry about how light the primer looks because you are just going to cover it up.

Lil Boat-Soft Pressed Powder from Colour Pop

Step 3: Crease Color

For step three and the crease color, I used a burnt, almost rusty orange color. With a blending brush, (any blending brush will due, even a cheap one like the one I used from E.L.F.), apply ‘Realgar’ from the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette all in the crease using a windshield wiper motion, moving back and forth. 

    Step 4: Lid Color

Before adding the smoky look on the inner and outer parts of the lid, you will need to apply the lid color first. I used the CP soft pressed powder in the color ‘Two Birds’. The is rich, pure golden color and very shimmery. Focus on the middle part of the lid and drag the brush upwards, keeping the gold in the center of the lid. Use a blending brush to smooth out any harsh lines.


Next, I used the Prism Palette (shown above) by ABH, applying the color ‘Pyramid’ on top to give it some extra shimmer. Pyramid is a champagne gold color. Again, using a blending brush to rid of any lines. On a side note, I love this palette too, a little bit more than the MR because the colors are more robust making the possibilities endless when it comes to eye looks. The fallout is equally the same to me with both palettes. (Excuse the pyramid photo. I couldn’t find a “pretty” picture I liked so I used an actual photo from my palette.)

Step 5: Creating the Smoky Eye

Using the color, ‘Parallel’ and a little of the black (Obsidian) from the same palette, take a brush with a bushy tip, kind of a like a blending brush, and make small circular motions on the inner and outer parts of the lid. By going upward, but not all the way into the crease, you’ll want to stay on the corners of the eye. You should see the gold shining through in the middle. Blend the top edge of the crease only. Parallel is a nice dark brown color. 

Step 6: Brow Bone

For added shimmer, I applied ‘Primavera’ on the brow bone. Primavera is a lighter gold, a little bit white to me, but very nice. Again blending, you want everything to flow and look seamless like a rainbow. I added a liquid liner (crookedly) and this completed the look for me. You could absolutely apply false lashes and a winged liner, to make this look more fancy. But, I haven’t mastered either of those two yet and am still just learning.

If you are a beginner like me, I hope you enjoyed this look and found this post helpful. I tried to link everything used to create this look for you all. You don’t have to be a pro to slay! I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you guys think so please, leave your comments below! Until next time!

~Cocoa ♡

Disclaimer: This post contains NO affiliate links nor is it sponsored. I purchased these products myself.  


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