Easy, Fashionable Looks That Won’t Break The Bank

Do you even FASHION?

Hey Lovelies! In today’s post, I have created, easy, fashionable looks, that won’t break the bank. As a frugal girl, I’m always trying to make my dollar stretch and get as much bang for my buck as possible! These styles are comfortable and cute and totally #poppin. This is how I prefer to dress most of the time because I am all about that comfort life! Each category will have a few variations of either a business or daytime look, night time look or sexy. Most of these items are things I had in my wardrobe with a few new pieces added just recently. I took three different items that I feel like mostly every woman should have in her closet. Without further or do, let’s get into it!

The Black Mini Tube Dress

This is my version of a little black dress and it is so versatile. Girl, you can create so many looks with one little dress and that is the best part. The dress is form-fitting and knee length.

In my J’s

Left photo: Paired with a jean jacket and some high-top sneakers. This is a really cute outfit for a casual night out with the girls. Maybe you don’t want to wear jeans because you always wear them and want a change. Well this is is the perfect look for you.

Middle photo: Paired with a blazer and heels and is perfect for work, business meeting, job interview and any formal business event. Maybe even a dinner meeting.

 Right photo: Sexy outfit for a lovely night with your significant other.   


The Fashion Blue Jean

Jeans are just a classic piece that we all love. But ripped jeans are even better baby! I show three different looks each with a different type of blue jean. 

The Graphic Tee
Sexy in Slides

Left photo: Nothing better than an adidas graphic tee and a pair of ripped blue jeans. Simple, comfy and cute. 

Middle photo: I don’t always like to wear heels on a date or, in general for that matter, so I thought this would be fun to showcase. My honey wouldn’t mind this one bit.

Right photo: Boyfriend jean paired with a graphic top and beige heels. I really loved this look and had never worn these items together before. I was comfortable and confident in this outfit. Perfect for a girls lunch.


The Jumpsuit

The original adult onesie. Hands down one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own. If you don’t have one of these, you will surely want one after this!


Just Loungin’
Sporty Cool
Comfy Chic

Left photo: Paired with a jean jacket and a cover up, this is something I would typically wear to run errands. High comfort and stretchy. 

Middle photo: Sporty look paired with a bomber and kicks, this is a great outfit for the movies or other daytime activity.

Right photo: Paired with a floral kimono and heels, this is a look your date will love. It’s sexy, effortless and sure to turn heads. Also, great for a cool summer night! 


What are favorite basics to dress up? Let me know in the comments below! I had fun doing this post and I hope you enjoyed it. Check out my recent post here on COCOACHERA.COM. Also my latest video on YouTube, and please like and subscribe. If you guys want to see a real-time try on of these looks or something similar to them, leave that in the comments below as well.

But until next time…DO YOU EVEN F-A-S-H-I-O-N?!  


Photo Credit: Jaelyn Miller (AKA my baby girl)

Black Tube Dress-Fashion Nova-$22.99

Ripped Jeans-Fashion Nova $27.99-$34.99

Jumpsuit-Fashion Nova $19.99


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