Hot New SH*T! Current Favorites Makeup and Skincare Edition

What’s up guys, it’s your girl CocoaChera. It’s been awhile, but it was time for another new sh*t edition. I’ve got some makeup and skincare items for you guys and I’m excited so, let’s get started!

Eyeshadow Palettes

Double Entendre by ColourPop Cosmetics

The first palette that I want to share with you guys is from ColourPop and it is there “Double Entendre” eyeshadow palette. It comes in 12 shades, with 7 matte shades and 5 shimmers. I would describe the colors as golden, brown sugar.

I am in love with this palette. I love the rose gold packaging. There a lot of warm neutrals and it goes perfect with darker skin tones, but could really go well with any skin tone. The only color that I probably wouldn’t wear is “Flasher”.  

So, let’s talk about the names listed on the back for a minute: naked, locked and loaded, nip slip, keep it PG, extracurricular, hard, I mean do you see a theme yet? 😂 I could see where they were going because it is a very sexy palette. “Double Entendre”, will go with any look that you’re trying to achieve, daytime or night time, even a no makeup-makeup look, which is how I will primarily use it.

If you haven’t tried out any of ColourPop’s products, you are missing out! Go check out their website @ right now. You will find they have a really wide range of products that are very affordable. This palette retails for $16 and it’s my new favorite! #notsponsored

NYX Ultimate Palette in Warm Neutral 

Next, is another warm neutral palette, very similar to Double Entendre but, it has a little bit more spice with burgundy and reddish tones. This one retails for $18. I purchased this from the NYX store, not a drug store and found it to be $1-$2 cheaper.

There are 16 shadows with 9 matte shades and seven shimmers. My favorite color is the Rosy-red, rose gold because it is so vibrant. This is another palette  that will go with any look, more so for night time. 


By Iconic London

The next item is from the brand Iconic London and it is a jet black mascara. It does not have a fancy name, but it doesn’t need one. This mascara is lit! This is perfect for me because I choose not to wear false lashes and so this is a great alternative. I still love my L’Oreal telescopic mascara but, this one is low-key taking the top spot. If you are looking for a bomb-ass mascara that is going to give the appearance of you having false lashes, this is the one you need to try. This was $33.50 including the tax and shipping. I felt the price was great, considering it was international. 


The Illuminator by Iconic London

This highlighter is beautiful, very glittery and has high shine. It is not for the meek. The Illuminator is a soft, liquid highlighter, best used in a glam look. It’s a small bottle about 0.45 fl. oz., but it holds a lot of product. I received this as a gift from Iconic London, when I purchased the mascara, and the illuminator retails for $49 U.S. on their site.

The second highlighter is one from NYX  and it is their “Dose of Dew Face Gloss.” The lady in the store suggested this as a natural glow highlighter and I agree with her. I absolutely love this highlighter because it’s so gentle and gives just the right amount of subtle highlight. I use it just about everyday with my ‘no makeup-makeup look.’ It comes in a stick form and just glide it on. It will definitely give you the dewy look if that is what you’re looking for. This retails for $9.


Lux Lipstick by ColourPop

I follow Makeup Shayla and she used a lippie in one of her Instagram photos and she looked B-O-M-B! When I saw her wearing it, I was like #mustcop. This is their Lux lipstick in the color “stone fox” and it is a pinky nude. I initially thought I couldn’t wear this color but, I paired it with a dark brown liner, and put a gloss on top and it worked just fine. You can also find this on their site and it retails for $7.50. Side note-I love the rose gold packaging with little stars on it. 

Speaking of gloss, ColourPop is definitely doing their thing in the lip department! The ultra glossy lip by Ellarie x ColourPop in the color, Steelo, is a sheer, golden lip gloss. I use it mostly as a topper for my lip combos and you can also wear it alone. This will go well on any skin tone.


Glow-Starter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer by GLAMGLOW

Now I wasn’t going to include skin care in this edition of hot new s*** but I have to because this next product I’m about to share, I absolutely fell in love with! Introducing the new illuminating moisturizer by GLAMGLOW in the color nude glow. I use it almost everyday and I love the way it makes my face glow. It gives a natural highlight wherever you place the moisturizer.

They have two other colors, pearl glow for lighter tones, and sunglow, for deeper tones. Now the nude one works well but, I have a feeling that when I try the sunglow, it is going to be off the chain! GLAMGLOW’s website says it has “teaoxi golden root technology” in it and I’m guessing that’s what makes it so illuminating. It also has hyaluronic acid, vitamins and green tea. If you have not purchased an illuminating moisturizer yet, I would highly recommend you try this one. Oh and the smell reminds me of sherbet ice cream.

Hydrogel Under-eye Patches by E.l.f. 

For $6 at Target, you get three patches in one box and they are paraben and sulfate free. I used these in a recent skincare tutorial on my YouTube channel and they made my under eyes feel very moisturized, awake and plump. Ladies, you do not have to spend $50 on gold eye patches when you can get some perfectly good ones from Target. Highly recommended🙌🏾


Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask

Finally, the last skin care item that I have to mention are sheet masks.  These are from Garnier’s SkinActive line, and they are the moisture bomb sheet masks.  I love sheet masks because they’re easy and simple and they do the job. I have added these to my sheet mask collection. I’ve already tried one out and it was very nice. If you need something super hydrating and moisturizing for your face, give these a try.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of hot new s***. If you’ve tried any of these products, please leave a comment below letting me know how you like them.

~xoxo, Coco


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