Crystals, Healing And Good Energy

Crystals, healing and good energy is a sort of part two to one of my most recent posts, “The Secret to Life.” As I mentioned there, The Secret, (which by the way if you haven’t read this book, you are doing yourself a disservice) inspired me to research ways on how to enhance my spiritual being with the intent of keeping myself in a positive state of mind. So, I entered the world of crystals, began reading about healing frequencies, visualization, and intensified my meditation practice. If you haven’t read, “The Secret to Life,” I invite you to because it goes into further detail by explaining the motivation behind this act and why I began to change my way of thinking and ultimately, a new way of life.

What Are Crystals?

Many of you may not even know what a crystal is, so let me help you out. Wikipedia, gives a scientific definition citing that a crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituents are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions. In simple terms, crystals are organic rocks full of different types of energy that resonates within the body.

Subconsciously, I always wondered about crystals. So when I entered this new world, I began to study their meanings and the belief that they are “magical healers,” and became very excited. Quite honestly, I’ve always been fascinated with them and questioned whether they really did anything at all. There is an overflow of information about crystals, as well as tons of videos and articles that I discovered.

Where Can You Find Them?

Finally, after watching a few of the videos and reading articles, I was ready to get some hands-on experience. I decided to visit a store here in Orlando that specializes in crystals called the Gypsy Apothecary Herb & Metaphysical Shop. This store was fantastic and it had everything! From crystal designed jewelry, to a plethora of herbs and spices (the shelves were packed), tarot cards, genie erns, incense and, of course, CRYSTALS! And I mean every crystal you can think of, or have ever seen! I can tell it was a popular destination for the locals and visitors alike. I’ve been there twice now, and each time, the place was pretty busy. I decided it must be a reputable place that lived up to its’ reviews. Oddly, that gave me comfort because I felt like, hmm, there must be some truth to these crystals. If you want to see more and get a glimpse inside of what this store actually looks like, check out my video tour on my YouTube channel. The website does not do it justice.

When you are beginning with crystals, it is wise to start off slowly and be sure to understand the meanings of the crystals you are wanting to use. My spirit and mind desperately needed a cleansing and a way to rid of the negative thoughts and energy. I am surrounded by a very toxic environment on a daily basis which adding to the harsh realities of this world, gets me down at times. I continued to pray and read my scripture, but I felt like that wasn’t enough and would look for activities and experiences that brought me joy, but that was short-lived. If you’ve been in a similar mental space, you can probably imagine the eagerness I felt when I realized that there was another layer of spirituality sitting and waiting for me to find and I’m happy to say that I walked through the doorway.


With an urgent need to begin the process of cleansing my soul (so to speak), I chose my first few crystals based on what I was feeling most and with the greatest need to heal. To keep this blog from being five pages long, I am going to keep the meanings and definitions brief. The stones listed below are the ones that spoke to me and found me. 

Amethyst-“The Calming Stone”

Known as the calming stone, amethyst contains healing properties, has the ability to rid negativity, and breathes new energy into you. It doesn’t hurt that it happens to be my birthstone and favorite color.



Citrine- “Light Rock”

Citrine boosts confidence and power and DOES NOT STORE NEGATIVE ENERGY. Go away negative energy!




Fluorite- “Energy Neutralizer & Cleanser

Neutralizers negative energy, stress and anxiety.



Pyrite- “The Money Stone” 

Also known as “fools gold” due to it resemblance to real gold, pyrite brings abundance and prosperity. 



Carnelian-“The Sex Stone”

This stone is meant to boost your creativity and enhance the female libido. I like this one a lot!




Rose Quartz-“The Love Stone”

Rose Quartz sends vibrations of love to and from loved ones and into the world and cleans out negative energy.




Clear Quartz-“The Energy Absorber”

This stone absorbs and releases negative energy.




*Since writing this post, I’ve added two new stones to my collection: Kambaba Jasper and  Blue Apatite. When I first laid eyes on them, I could literally feel them drawing me in, which means they were meant to be chosen. My favorite one of these is Kambaba Jasper, known as the “fear not” stone. It is meant to help you get rid of fear and help you manage it. 



Healing Frequencies 432hz & 528hz

My love and I are very much into holistic healing properties and one of the things that he actually introduced me to is healing frequencies. Healing frequencies like 432hz and 528hz both provide properties to calm brainwaves, release stress, increase productivity and get better sleep and helps you to dream. And boy does it make me sleep –instantly! When I’m having trouble falling to sleep which is not often, but it does happen, I play it at night, especially on more tense days. I tend to carry my stress in my shoulders like, I’m sure a lot of you may do as well. So, listening to the music with head phones and my neck massager helps to relieve all of the tension and basically, put me to sleep.

You can find these frequencies on Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube. The frequency of 528hz is the love frequency and is best used when awake.

Intensive Meditation

During my meditation I get distracted and, often, can shake it. I have been meditating for years, but can never seem to overcome this issue. However, I have began to incorporate the crystals and music to help keep my mind calm and focused. The end result is a calm, cool and collected Chera. The 4 C’s!

There are a few different methods of meditation, prayer and a combination of the two, that I have used for a while now. Using the practices above, has helped me to intensify my connection to the spirit realm. Some of this may sound weird, but you can’t hate it you haven’t tried it… IJS

Visualization and Affirmations


The practice of mentally picturing yourself in a situation and acting as if you have already received it. For example, if you want a new job, imagine yourself as already having it and it will manifest itself. There is an exercise described in the secret, where the speaker visualizes himself getting front parking spaces. Well, I decided to put that to the test and for a about the last 3-4 weeks, it’s actually worked! I don’t know if I’m crazy or if it’s luck but, now I visualize about everything and everywhere, in the car, in the shower, at work, in the kitchen, every damn where! Lol!


Chanting affirmations can have the same impact, but act in a slightly different way. Each morning, I get out of bed and start saying what I am grateful for and, what “I’m grateful to have now” on the way to the bathroom, while I’m getting dressed, when I’m walking to the car. I mean literally, I talk to myself for about 90 minutes. Believe it or not, it helps to prepare me mentally for the day and it makes me feel better. And when I don’t do it, my day doesn’t turn out too good.

I never understood the impact or just how important visualization and affirmations were until I started to really practice them.  The book stressed this lesson throughout its’ teachings. I still listen to the book regularly, so that I can continue to absorb its’ teachings and learn to put the methods to use. I visualize and chant all the time now, and people think I’m weird, but I.D.G.A.S.

Prayer & Practicing the “Secret”

Prayer is the foundation of things for me and this will never change. Sometimes, now I will hold the crystal in my hand while I pray, in order to dive deeper into the prayer and achieve the peace that I am seeking. I like to use citrine and amethyst during this time. Keep God first (or whomever your Higher Power is) because it is the best thing you can do in ANY situation to help you get through whatever challenges you may face.

In conclusion, I believe this coincides with the ideas of the secret and of the Bible. I am a Christian and believe that these stones have helped me to become closer to God and hear Him when He speaks to me. They have helped me achieve the tranquility and peace that God provides, in fact they have enhanced it when I put them to use. I truly feel myself and am more aware of what I am putting out into the Universe.

In order to transform your life, career, body, or whatever–you must believe. Don’t engage with the negative energy that people and things around you give out. You do not need their blessing, but you do need the support, unwavering support. Let me be clear, friends and family can be nasty. You have to get to the point where if it’s causing you stress and not causing you any good, block them! Block the shit out of people and their bullshit! Block the haters and naysayers because they don’t matter. You will fail and fail hard, but if you have a good solid foundation, you will always end up on top. Trust me.

~xoxo, Cocoachera

P.S. If you want to see which crystals your spirit may be drawing you too, take the “crystals test” as shown on

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