My Top Ten Fitness Essentials & Foods

When I’m working out, I need a lot of different things to keep my workouts and diets on track and fresh. From fitness clothing to snacks, it’s important to have certain essentials, to help you be as successful as possible! Want to know what my top ten fitness essentials are? Keep on reading!

Wassup guys! I thought it would be cool to share the things that help me along in my journey. It’s easy to fall off path, believe me, I know! But, if you keep these ten essentials with you, you are sure to master your fitness goals. Feel free to adjust the items listed below, to better fit your situation. This list is in no particular order, so I’ll just start!

1. Gloves 

Lifting weights can be tough on your hands and nobody likes rough hands, unless you’re into that kind of thing (more power to you). In order to avoid calluses when lifting weights or barbells, wear gloves. You can find them at any fitness store like Academy Sports, Target or Tjmaxx, which is where I got mine.

2. Fitness Clothing

I hate to be the one to point out the obvious, but I am. While you can work out in anything you want, it’s probably a good idea to wear fitness clothes. Check out my video on my YouTube channel, where I compare a few brands. In my video, I stress that your workout clothes should be breathable, comfortable and not too tight. Wear a sports bra with support and shoes that fit. No need to be sexy, just be comfortable. If a real man is interested, he won’t mind your funky smell, sweaty clothes or jacked up hair! 

3. Green Juice

Unlike most people, I prefer a green juice over a smoothie. Mostly because, most smoothies that I’ve had, carry too much sugar. Green juice is straight up like a hard shot of liquor. Sometimes, I make my juice with my juicer (Green Juice & Juicer Review coming soon)! Or, I buy it from the local store. The brand I like is Suja. I have a few different brands, but haven’t found any that are better than this brand yet. Another reason, I like juicing is because it gets into my blood stream faster which makes me feel like I am getting a nutrient boost. The results are ,glowing and clear skin. For green smoothies, I typically stick with making my own.

4. Protein

Protein, protein, protein! You can’t have enough. Whether you drink protein shakes, eat wild or brown rice, quinoa or protein snacks, get your daily dose. I stick to boiled eggs, protein shakes and whole grains for mine. My new favorite are protein balls, which I mentioned in my last post.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

So have I told how much I love apple cider vinegar? I put that stuff on everything. Mainly, I use acv for cleansing my scalp and drinking it throughout the day. It’s great for losing weight because it is a natural appetite suppressant. The cinnamon or cayenne, depending on which one choose to add to it, helps to increase your metabolism and burn fat. The second use is for cleansing my scalp. It gets rid of any excess oil, dandruff or dry scalp and also acts a conditioner. I use this in between using shampoo. This is better because it doesn’t dry out your hair like shampoo and is 100% natural. Remember to use organic acv with the ‘mother.’

6. Conditioner

Along with the acv, you need a good conditioner, for co-washing your hair. In case you are not familiar with co-washing, this is the process of using conditioner to ‘wash’ your hair and put moisture back into your hair. This is typically done after shampooing or acv cleansing.

7. Waist Trainer

I know some of you don’t believe in this and will probably feel that it’s unnecessary. But baby, this has been tried and true! I have been wearing waist trainers on and off for about three years. I started off in a medium and when I finished both tracks of hooks, I moved on to the small. One thing to remember is if you choose to waist train, you have to be consistent. Recently, I bought a thermal one and have been using it during work outs. I love my waist trainer!

8. BCAA’s

I begin using bcaa’s about six months ago and I love it. The brand I use is plant-based, not animal based. It can be used as a pre-workout or sipped throughout the day. I have done both methods and can say that I prefer to drink this over coffee sometimes, because it doesn’t give me a drop like coffee does. Another good thing about this product, is that it offers natural caffeine. I purchased mine from Amazon. I can really tell a difference in the way I feel when I drink and when I don’t, a big difference.

9. Beats Headphones

No workout routine or fitness journey would be complete without MUSIC! Y’all thought I almost forgot didn’t you! For music, I wear Beats and there are so many other headphone brands that there are too many to mention here. 

10. Apple Watch

I love my Apple Watch, it keeps track of my progress and calorie burn. It syncs with my phone and allows me to get messages and change the music selection right from the watch. My favorite app to use is the standard workout app that comes with the watch. It’s simple and easy to use.

**Note: I did want to mention water. Obviously, that’s an essential. LOL

Well guys, I hope you guys enjoyed my list. Let me know your favorite essentials in the comments below. Like and share this post. Until next time…



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