THE WAIST TRAINER: Does It Really Work?

Hey guys! Today’s post is going further into waist trainers and deciding if they really do work and should we love them or hate them? I will give you the good, the bad and the ugly. We will also be answering whether or not a waist trainer is really needed. I will tell you about my first experience wearing them and why I choose to still wear them and why again I’m wearing them now more than ever. Let’s get started.

In the beginning…

In one of my most recent posts “Fitness Essentials”, I spoke about waist trainers being one, due to it’s ability to “shrink” the waist or give the illusion of shrinkage. I stated that I have been using one for about three years, so let’s talk about that. About three years ago when I lost my first 25 pounds, I started getting into waist shapers and waist trainers. The idea of them were so fascinating to me and so, I began to research the different types of trainers and reviews. Some people said they were a fashion fad and really did nothing. While others said they absolutely helped to shape their midsections. Based on the inconsistency of the reviews, I felt there was no better way than to try it out and see for myself. 

So that is what I did! I reached out to my friend and she took me to a Colombian store where they sold this particular type of trainer (or corset, if you will) that I was looking for. I’d done my research so I new that in order to get the best results and prove whether this worked or not, it had to be this specific type of trainer. 

Latex Trainer with Steel Boning

Steel boned corsets are ideal type of corset for waist cinching and shaping the body overall. A high quality steel boned corset can sense the waist buys much to 4 to 5 inches, offering real difference in any body shape. (

This most sought out trainer is the one that BRINGS IT ALL IN LADIES! When I say “bring it in” I mean your waist is sucked in to capacity. So much so that when I first tried mine on, I could almost not breathe. I had to position the driver seat in my car, in the most upright position I could just to drive. It took about two weeks to get used to it because you know you have to give time for it to conform to your body, and it was a mega-bitch to put on. (I think I just made that word up **chuckles) *TIP: When first beginning to put on, start by laying on the bed with the trainer and start to button it at the bottom)

The reason I chose to purchase from a Colombian retailer is because they sold the most authentic or I should say, sold authentic trainers. It was too risky for me to buy online because this was too important! At this point in the journey,, I was serious about my fitness because I was on the home stretch nearing the last 5-7 pounds left to lose and I wasn’t about to mess that up. I purchased a size medium first @ $60, and then when I mastered that size (when it became to loose) I moved on to a small. I’m a pro now. I can put this baby on in seconds, standing up! 

In the present…

While I haven’t outgrown my latex trainers, I love them and still wear them, I’ve shifted to a new type of trainer which offers thermal technology. At the advice of my personal trainer, I purchased one from Groupon and Tjmaxx (I have two). Cost wise, I went a little cheaper because the purpose was not really to use this to shape my waist, since I already have good trainers for that. But, more to target the midsection and burn more toxins. 

Waist Trainer with Thermal Technology 

The Thermal Slimming Hot Belt with Waist Trainer, retails for $21 on I ordered my trainer on a Wednesday and received it on a Saturday so delivery was not bad at all. The hot belt is stretchy lengthwise, but tight in the width. It was sort of a struggle to get on. You have the choice of overhead or bottom up, I chose bottom up and it was snug going over my hips I kid you not! My thoughts after the first time wearing it is that I was pleasantly surprised. You will definitely sweat an insane amount which is the goal and overall quality of the hot belt I would give 4 stars. Now, the cincher that comes it surprised me most because i didn’t think it would be so tight! I ordered a small, (remember the key is to shrink your waist which means you’re not going to purchase the size you fit, get a size smaller!) and it was velco. Being used to the clasps that the traditional corset has, I wasn’t too keen on velcro. 

But, it’s not all bad. The velcro does creates a great cinch, but I don’t wear this part during my workouts because it’s too restrictive. 

Well there you have it ladies! If you are wanting to get into waist training, I think either of these would be a great start. I would like to say, that had I used the thermal one first, I could have possibly went farther in my journey as far as flattening my stomach and releasing toxins. Truth is, I was once a skeptic and said the same thing as everyone else does at first glance, “that shit doesn’t really work.” Well, we shall see now won’t we? I will check in with you guys later on the months and let you know how it’s going. 

If you are interested in doing this, I sincerely hope you give it a try. Remember, consistency is key in ANYTHING that you do for it to work. Happy Waist Training y’all! 



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