All About Green Juice: What You Need to Know

All About Green Juice: What You Need To Know

Today we’re talking all about green juice and I’ve got the 411 on the basics of what you need to know. Thinking about entering into the world of green juice and reaping all of the wonderful benefits? Well just keep on reading!

Juicing for health is currently my life right now. I have had a deep love affair with juicing for about three years now and I won’t be stopping any time soon. This is definitely one of those things that is life altering and is a permanent lifestyle change. Let me repeat that, LIFESTYLE CHANGE! This is not a fad or a quick way to lose weight. If you are going to do this, you need to be serious about it! 

Green Juice

Originally inspired by a documentary by the name of “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead“, juicing has helped my body so much. Here is what I noticed instantly after doing my first, 7-day juice cleanse: light and glowing skin, increased energy, improved digestion. That was only the start. I lost a total of 13 pounds (5 were likely water weight) and I’d never felt better. These types of feelings are what would catapult me into the what I lovingly call “The World of Green Juice”. This would also increase my curiosity and cravings of incorporating more green foods into my diet and developing more of a plant based diet. Also, it was a sure way for me to ensure that I get all my veggies.All About Green Juice: What You Need To Know

Everything has a con, but overall there were more pros than cons to for me. The biggest con was getting over the taste of some of the recipes. Also, not knowing how a particular recipe might taste. This brought on a little anxiety. However, I learned to cope with those tastes, by following it up by drinking tea. This helped to remove the “bad” aftertaste. Although, I still can’t get over that beet taste!! After three years, I still hate beets. I can’t do it y’all. 😂

Ok. So you’re intrigued and thinking, “well maybe I could give it a try?” Where do I get the juice from? I’m going to lay out a few options of how you can started with juicing. Green Juice: Why Should You Drink it?

Juicing Brands

When I started juicing, I obviously did not have a juicer. Since it was my first time trying out a new type of diet, (let’s just call it that for now), to make things easier, I elected to purchase pre-made juice from a brand call Suja. I didn’t know anything about this brand other than what it said on the bottle, ‘organic and 100% juice.’ Just getting over the appearance and the smell of the juice was a chore in itself. Side note–I was not into green smoothies because they were used more as meal substitutes and that’s not what I wanted. I’ve continued to drink the Suja brand of juices since my journey began. I have found that they are the best tasting, good price point, 12 fluid ounces of goodness. They are vegan and gluten free, which I also knew nothing about at the time. If that is something that’s important to you, you should give them a try. There are of course, many other brands to choose from and ones that I’ve tried. Try them all out and find the one you like the most.

Types of Juicers

All About Green Juice: What You Need To KnowSo now you’ve been drinking juice for awhile and you are really feeling the benefits and you’re ready to commit! Yes, going green, is a commitment. Instead of purchasing juice, make your own. There are slow pressed juicers and high pressed juicers. My first juicer was the one by Breville (same one from the documentary), and it was a high speed or centrifugal juicer. I liked this juicer because it got the job done quickly and it was fairly easy to clean. It was also fairly priced. On the flip side, the high speeds killed many of the nutrients which was no bueno! Once I learned that, I decided to upgrade to a slow pressed one. These are more expensive because they are truly the best types of juicers for juicing. These types of juicers guaranteed nutrients, however, they can be very costly and come with a lot of different compartments. It was annoying having to put it together each time and then separate it to clean each part. But, it was still better because again, it holds the nutrients which also means the juice lasts longer. You will also get more juice with a slow pressed juicer.

All About Green Juice: What You Need To Know

There are thousands of recipes online and books full for you to try. My advice would be to start off with an easy one…one that doesn’t have too many ingredients, like the one below. Once you get used to the process of making a few staple recipes, then you might advance to new one. My favorite juice recipe is this one from called the Green Goddess:


  • 3 stalks of celery
  • 1/2 large cucumber, cut into quarters
  • 1 medium green apple, cut into eighths
  • 1 medium pear, cut into eighths

Juice Delivery Services

There have been advancements in the juicing world since then where companies can actually deliver juice to you. Now ain’t that somethin’! So if you don’t want to juice yourself or go to the store to buy it, you can get it delivered! The best source to find such companies is Groupon. Brands like JUS by Julie & Juice From The Raw, are just a couple of the brands I’ve seen on the site. There’s a lot of different ones to choose from. Just be sure it says organic that is the most important part because a major factor in juicing is to cleanse your body and import nutrients. Juicing is one of the quickest ways to do that. If you’re going to drink juice filled with crap, what’s the point, really?

So are you ready to join me in the world of juicing? I’m here for it and will be with you every step of the way. Let me know what you think down below in the comments. What kinds of juices do you like? What are your favorite recipes? Let’s get healthy y’all.

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