Cranberry Glam Eyeshadow Look for Summer

Cranberry Glam Eyeshadow Look For Summer

Hello my lovelies, I have missed you all! I hope everyone is doing great! In today’s post, I’m walking you through, step by step, in this tutorial on how I created this look. You can also see how I re-created this look on my YouTube Channel, COCOACHERA. (*click link below) This is an easy and basic tutorial and the premise was to make an eyeshadow look that could double as a daytime casual look for the weekend or day job. Since I used no falsies or eyeliner, I also saved time. You could absolutely add both of these to crank up the glam, but it looks good on its’ own. Remember, sometimes less is more and simple is even better!


What girl doesn’t like a little glam every now and then, eh? This question would ultimately turn into one of my favorite eyeshadow looks to date. So I was playing in my make up the other today, you know, just being creative. The result would turn out to be a bomb eyeshadow look that I call, Cranberry Glam! I posted a photo of it on my Instagram story, (btw, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, head on over there and check out my page @gracefulnaturalista211) and in the story, I asked you guys if you wanted to see a tutorial on this look and the results were “Hell Yeah!”

To achieve this look, I am using the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm. (If you follow my YouTube channel, you would have seen the comparison video on this). NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in WarmI am also using a supershock shadow by ColourPop, in the color, ‘Chromoscope.’

Step 1: Apply Base & Set

Using the NARS radiant concealer, I applied a drop to my lids and smoothed it out with a bristle eye brush. I have been using a concealer these days for priming instead of a dedicated eyeshadow primer like my M.A.C. PRO Longwear Paint Pot. I find that the concealer works just as well in helping the colors pop, but a primer still works! To set this, I used a little of my Laura Mercier translucent powder in Medium/Deep. For my brown skinned ladies, no need to worry about how light the concealer or primer looks because you are just going to cover it up.

Step 2: Apply Two Transition Colors

We are using two transition colors for this look. For my first transition color, I used a matte deep burgundy shade. Take a fluffy or blending brush and apply it to the crease only. Next, we want to apply our second transition color, just underneath the burgundy we just applied. This shade is more of a reddish brownish color, also matte. This is going to finish covering up any residual left over concealer or primer. 

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm
Reddish Brown
NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm
Deep Burgundy






Step 3: Apply The Lid Shade

Supershock Shadow by ColourPop

Before we add the lid color, we need to blend our transition colors because we don’t want any harsh lines showing. Now, for my favorite part! The lid color I chose is a nice, dark rosy pink color, reminiscent of cranberry, hence the name. It just reminded me of cranberries! I don’t know maybe I was hungry at the time.

Supershock shadows by ColourPop (you probably heard me mention them a time or two) apply best using your ring finger or wetting a small brush. I opted to use my finger. Rub the shadow on to your finger in a thin layer, thick enough so that your finger isn’t showing through, and dab it on the center of your lid. Don’t worry if you get a little into the crease because we aren’t doing a cut crease or anything that requires precision. So if a little mixes in, that’s ok. We are going to blend it out anyway. Use the small ended brush to fill in both sides of the lids and blend.

Ok, first layer done! Now, it’s time to apply the second coat. Sort of like painting your toe nails. Two coats are a must because we want it to really sparkle and shine!

Step 4: Lower Lash Line 

Next, we need to give the bottom lash line a little attention. We are going to go back in with the first color we used, the deep burgundy, and run it back and forth on the line. Here is where you can add an inner tear duct color as well. I chose to keep the look clean, since the idea behind it was for it to be casual or daytime  work look.

Step 5: Apply Mascara (Falsies and Eyeliner, optional)

For the final step in this tutorial, we need to apply our mascara. Any kind will do! I used the jet black by Iconic London and my lashes were #poppin’!

Cranberry Glam Eyeshadow

Well, how do you like the finished look? Looking pretty good, girlfriend!

Overall, it took me 10 minutes to do this look and I am a firm believer that make up shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes tops! Who has time for that? Not me! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Give this look a try and leave me some comments below, letting me know how it came out. Send me photos too! I love hearing from you guys!

Until next time Lovelies, ~xoxo


I am not a beauty guru, but I love creating eyeshadow looks!

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