The BossGirl’s Guide: Five Apps I Use to Run My Life!

Life is hectic, if you let it be! As girl-bosses, not only are we beautiful and talented with the innate ability to multi-task, we should also be well organized to manage ourselves; and allow our businesses and everyday life to be run as smoothly as possible. Most of us are, but some of us are still struggling and need a little help. If you’re a renaissance woman like me, i.e., business owner, mother, wife or girlfriend, just to name a few, then you know this is true. Not to worry, I got you covered. So, listen up babes! I’m dropping some jewels today. Most of the apps are iPhone friendly. Check with your app store to see if they are offered for Android.


The first three apps are the main ones I use on a daily or weekly basis. You should find one or all from this list to incorporate and begin using.

  1. Notes: I’m one of those people who, when I an idea comes into my head for my blog or YouTube, I have to immediately right it down or I will lose it. Rather than carry a large journal around with me, it’s easier to just put it in my phone. Now, I do keep a journal, too, in fact, it’s is just more convenient for me this way.
  2. Google Calendar: Ok so as much as I love my iPhone, I hate the calendar app that came with it. The only thing it has going for it is that it sync’s with my Mac. The good news is that I have found a great app to replace it and that is Google Calendar. I recently started using this about a month ago and it has totally changed my life. It’s easy to use, has color coding ability and just keeps my sh** together! From the kids doctor’s appointments, to my monthly bills to all the tasks I need to carve out time for in my business. It’s freaking awesome.
  3. Zoom: Have meetings with your team and other business meetings, on the go, wherever you want! All you need is a wi-fi connection! Most of all–its FREE.
5 Apps To Help You Manage Your Business!


As an entrepreneur, my main source for marketing my businesses and ventures is through online marketing and online networking. App developers have made that very easy and, at minimal cost to the consumer. I do most of my marketing through social media such as Instagram and Facebook. But, to appeal to audiences and potential clients, I think it’s important that your marketing materials and digital products look good. The apps I utilize, make it very easy to create, exciting and fun ads, IG stories, digital items such as e-books and e-guides for my website that add promotional value.

  1. Preview: I don’t have a fancy profile, but I try to keep it looking nice and organized with bright colors and clear photos. With Preview, you can prearrange your postings and see how your profile will look, in advance, before actually posting it. You can also add captions, hashtags and schedule postings. It does not automatically post, which can be annoying for some. But for me, I actually like this feature because I view it as a safety measure. What if I decided not to post that day or wanted to change it? I’d be screwed! Not having this feature, avoids the extra step of deleting a post that probably a lot of people probably already saw.
  2. Hype Type: I love this app for spicing up my IG stories and the occasional posting. I don’t like to be boring and I don’t like to use the same colors and themes all the time. You could say I’m eclectic.
  3. Snow: Another fun app to add some life to your photos.
  4. InShot: I use this one the most for posting photos to my timeline. You can purchase the different filters if you want, for $1.99 and if you’re lucky to pay full access for the app and get the 70% discount. *not sponsored by the way. It has everything you need from filters to effects.

Well, there you have it ladies! Managing online networking and social media made EASY!

What apps do you use? Leave your favorites down below in the comments!

Until next time friends…



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