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Fall is here and I’m ready to celebrate it and we are talking all about it today! Next to Christmas, this season is my favorite because it stays so hot down here in sunny Florida, that the cool temps and pretty colors doesn’t last long at all. We’ll be lucky if we get temperatures in the 30’s at best! Our fall is not like in other states, so I really like to take advantage.

Here is a list of my favorite things when it comes to this season! Let’s get started!

Home Decor

So, I love autumn colors. There’s just something about the mixture of the colors when the are together that makes me feel all gooey inside! You know what I’m saying! There is nothing like it! And if you are lucky to experience this every year, I know you know what I’m talking about! I love decorating the house with a few nicknacks here and there. My go-to place to shop for home decor is–yes you guessed it–HomeGoods y’all. I legit love this store because it has EVERYTHING! There are few more store I fancy, but HG is my holy grail for all kinds of decor home shopping.

Candle Shopping

I recently did a candle haul on my channel, COCOACHERA, which I’ll insert the link to the video here. So I kinda when a little crazy and got 10 candles, yes 10, I only do this once a year so yeah, I go all out. White Barn has every kind of candle smell that your heart could desire and it’s best to catch them when they are on sale. Check out my vlog footage that I posted on my Instagram.

Fall Festivals, Trick or Treating and Halloween Parties

It’s festival season! Candy apples, pumpkin patches and pumpkin spice lattes! Like need I say more?! And you won’t believe this, but last year I went to my first halloween party ever and it was so fun! Like really fun! I dressed up as female commando (at the time it was a great idea😂. And I still take the kids trick or treating, they are 12 and 17! #nevertoooldtotrickortreat

Sweater Weather

Ok so not exactly ‘sweater weather’ over here, lol. But the temps still go low enough to wear one. I love sweats, boots and booties, and sweaters. I am here for it! It’s fun being able to get your winter clothes, you know. Sort of like, being able to wear shorts and a tank top because where you live might be cold year round. You get my drift.

Time With Family

It’s this time of year when families get together to make new memories! Oh and Thanksgiving, how could I forget. So ready for all of the good food, family games and sweet potato pie! I can smell it already.

So I think you get the picture, I love Fall! What are your favorite things to do at fall and can I get an invite to dinner?😜


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