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Hot Yoga: What’s it like to work out in an infrared sauna?

About a month ago, I saw on Facebook an ad that caught my eye. It said something like “sauna work outs,” and naturally, my antennas went up! I though hmmm, hot yoga? Yoga in the sauna? What?

Upon further investigation, I discovered it was sort of a hot yoga class where you could detox, de-stress and lose weight. I was all in! In order to enhance my workouts, it was time to switch it up! Trying find new ways to workouts, especially ones where I can get all of those ugly, negative emotions out (trust me its’ needed) has always been my favorite type of workouts. So the next day, I entered my information and waited for someone to contact me at HOTWORX.

The Location

Check it out here.

A few days later, the Owner reached out to me and I set my appointment for a FREE class. I’d checked out some reviews, but I truly did not know what to expect. Upon arrival, the place looked quaint. As I approached the door, which required code for entry, a very nice lady met me in the front. She begin to sign me in and give me more details about the workouts and a tour. The location looked small, but it was deep. About 10 saunas aligned each the right and left sides of the corridor. There was also a full gym and restrooms (one with a shower).

The Workouts

The workouts offered consist of 15 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training), or 30 minute pilates and yoga sessions. For my first work out, I chose a HIIT rower session. In the sauna, the heat was quite intense, but as they explained to me, “it detoxifies the body 20% more than a regular sauna.” Hearing this excited me! The cute sauna rooms had 2 rowers inside, big enough to fit two people, and a monitor for the virtual instructor. Yes, virtual instructor. The instructors are pretty good, keeping you motivated. But, they are repetitive and pre-recorded.

As I began to workout, I was already beginning to sweat before my heart rate was elevated. My apple watch to record my heart rate, and it was above the normal rate needed to start losing weight. I was pleasantly surprised because I was completely drenched afterwards and it was beautiful. I felt lighter and, like all of the bad juju had left my body. I’m being totally serious right now. This workout was unlike any other I’d ever experienced. So needless to say, I signed up for a membership.

Here’s Why:

I burned more calories in this 15 minute workout then I have in an hour at the gym.

It’s more than the average detox that I would get sitting in the sauna. Inhaling this heat, helps to expense more anxiety and stress.

I love versatility in my work outs.

Why You Should Consider Joining

All in all I would say, this is one of the best types of work outs that you can add to your routine. The membership is only $50 a month, and the workouts are unlimited, they are open 24 hours daily. For mental clarity, and space, it goes beyond your average workout. So I will be using this in conjunction with my gym membership because there are benefits to both.

This 2019 workout year is going to be awesome!

Yoga Mat

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