6 Tools For Better Productivity & It’s Not Just A Planner

Are you a procrastinator? Do you find that you never have enough time to get things done? Do you own a planner? Is it working out?

Well I know the feeling! It seems like I could never finish tasks or that things were always going over time. This year, I was determined to put an end to that and learn to use better time management skills. I’m using a few apps and a new favorite to help me along the way.

Pre-plan Your Week

For years, I’ve struggled with planners. In my opinion, they all were the same and there was never anything special that set them apart. There was never enough space to put in everything and the calendars were so small. One day while cruising YouTube, I stumbled upon a video, that talked about this thing called a “Passion Planner.” This video immediately caught the attention of my eyes and ears. This planner had a typical calendar, but it offered so much more!

  • 30 Day At A Glance Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar sections
  • Monthly reflection
  • Embedded ‘To-Do’ Lists
  • Project section
  • Blank Note Pages & Bullet Journaling Pages
  • So much more…

I jumped on Google to research it and found the website and I purchased one the same day. If you want to see how I’ve been using my planner, jump on over to my YouTube channel and check out this video.

This planner has been a life-saver. It is the first realistic planner I’ve found that easily fits in my lifestyle. I love it!

Use Functional Apps

Most of these apps I’m mentioning in this next section are on the iOS/iPhone. Also, I am not sure if all of these are offered on Android, but I am sure there is some variation of them available.

Google Calendar

Time blocking is a new technique that I have been using and it has been helping me so much. I’m able to set a time for each task, but before the next task begins, I receive a 10 minute warning which tells me I need to finish up my current task before moving on. With Google Calendar, there are so many options available for anyone to be able to create a schedule that works for them.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Google Keep

Hands down the best notes app out there. Better than the internal notes app that comes with the iPhone. It’s easy to use, simplistic and gives you the options to color code your notes and pin them to the home screen of the app.

Google Keep
Google Keep
Google Keep
Google Keep

Focus Keeper

If you’re having a hard time staying on task, then this might just be the app for you. Simply put, Focus Keeper is designed to keep you focused so that you are able to complete your activity within the time allotted. The clicking sound it makes can be annoying, but it’s meant to be a constant reminder. So I don’t mind, at all. You can find Focus Keeper on Apple’s App Store.

Focus Keeper
Focus Keeper

Screen Time

This isn’t an app on the iPhone, but rather a setting in the Clock app offered in the iPhone. (By the way, I don’t know how you run a business without an iPhone) Anyway, this is a way to monitor your time on social media. If social media is a part of your job, like mine is, it can be very easy to go overboard. Before you know it, you’ve wasted a whole hour when you only intended to spend 15 minutes. Focus Keeper is a great tool to use in conjunction with this.

Also, if you have children and are wanting to monitor their time, this setting allows you to do that as well. At the end of the week, it gives you a summary of the screen time, letting you know if your attention increased, decreased or stayed the same.

Screen Time
Screen Time 1-Day Summary
Screen Time
Screen Time Summary
  • Go to Settings>Search>type in “Screen Time”
  • Click on “Screen Time”
  • Click on the options, Today or the 7 day preview shows the sunmar

Clock App

Getting good sleep has always and will forever be the most vital key in getting the most productivity. The built-in bedtime sleep alarm settings in the iPhone are geared towards helping people achieve better sleep. To access the Bedtime Settings in the Clock App:

Clock App for iPhone
Clock App for iPhone
  • Locate the Clock App on your iPhone via the search bar
  • Select Bedtime
  • Set your Bedtime and Waketime
  • Click Options, choose a “wake up sound”, days of the week you want this alarm to be active and a bedtime reminder

We all have the same 24 hours in the day. How you choose to use them, is up to you. I hope you will try and implement one of these tools to get you closer to better productivity in 2019.

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