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I launched this blog, after going through some life changes and learning a hard lesson. Even though, I had no real idea of what I was getting into or what it all would entail, I didn’t care because I was excited. I was seeing a manifestation come to life in real-time. Yet, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business was daunting because I was a full-time business professional, transitioning to into a new career and mother of two. On top of that, I was a student, soon-to-be graduate with a bachelor’s in business, coupled with an A.S. in accounting, and a real estate professional with imminent objectives. I was already so busy with no time. Knowing all of that, I started it anyway because…I just had too.

This blog is ME, wrapped in a blanket of eccentricity and pure expression at its’ best. I purposefully created it that way because I did not want to cater to one thing or niche, I should say. Therefore, it can uniquely help any individual who lands here. There are many facets to a person’s life that makes them who they are. I believe that lifestyle, creativity, mind, spirit and financial fulfillment are keys to a good life. This blog is designed to encompass each one.

Here, I will share my knowledge and my experiences as a naturalista, as I like to call myself. If you are wanting a healthier lifestyle by way of food, hair care, body care, and fitness, or mental clarity this blog is for you.

My fellow Queens and anyone who may be craving inspiration, encouragement or motivation. Women who are wanting to take risks, but are held back by fear. I will push you to go after your dreams and desires. I also hope to teach you how to wear your crown to strengthen your mind through spiritual reading and practice. If you want to gain confidence and be spiritually clean this blog is for you.

Art, design, travel and DIY. If you take pride in making your mark or making something your own, sharing and brainstorming ideas, finding your happy zone or simply appreciate beauty in its purest form, this blog is for you.

More about me:

Favorite Musician: Prince & Michael Jackson. I could never choose, I love them both!

Hobbies: Watching movies, DIY projects, dancing and creating.

Favorite Pet: I’m a cat lover! I have two: Harmony and Caramel. 🐱

Favorite color: All things purple  🔮

Birth Month: February ♒

Loyal, good-hearted, assertive person with a few pet peeves. Severe handbag obsession. 🛍 I am constantly learning and shaping my true identity. I love to share new things as I discover them and I want to learn from all of you as well. I will always be real with you guys and hope that you enjoy the site!

~xoxo, Chera ♡