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Hey Goddess, it’s so nice to meet you. Firstly, let’s get the important stuff out of the way. I’m from the U.S. and I’m a mother of two; my hobbies include listening to Prince, cocktails & I am an Aquarius, (sweet and caring, but a beast when it comes to my children and my business). I have come to learn that everyone should have the freedom to be who they want to be and live the life that they want to live and do what makes them happy. Took me a while to figure it out!

Since 2017, I have been building my online business and personal brand. My goal is to build a community of women, helping them discover themselves and build their online business while building a six-figure income and growth in followers on my YouTube channel, social media and blog.

My journey started a year and a half ago, as I was finishing my degree in Accounting. I received a message that ultimately changed the course of my life and I knew there was no turning back. I created this blog and a year later my YouTube channel.

Although I had graduated and was beginning to enter into coursework for my Business degree,  I was faced with the reality that it wasn’t what I loved to do. Like so many of us, I’d settled with being comfortable in a career in Property Management, that I didn’t love. All the signs pointed for me to blaze my own trail, and here we are today.

Here’s the thing, college is great, and the technical skills that you learn are useful but not worth the student loan in most cases and these days, getting a degree it isn’t worth much, unfortunately.

Since I had never experienced anything like this before, then came the fear of being good enough. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, only that I wanted to grow my business to be huge! It just felt like there was this constant voice in my head telling me that I was going to fail and I wasn’t good enough to succeed at this entrepreneur thing.

I was determined not to let it beat me so I researched everything I could about blogging, that I became obsessed. My mindset was getting stronger and the time for excuses was over. Things that helped me along were Mel Robbins and her book, the 5 Second Rule & reading the Secret. Along the way, I discovered so many other mentors and not only did I learn how to manage fear, but I also believed in myself and what I was created to do.